Scripts of Logic

An exhibition about numbers.
Collaboration with @travellingswiss.
Created for the Kunsthalle of Zürich (Switzerland) in the context of “Make your own exhibition!“.
Displayed from 31.07.2020 to 30.08.2020.

Numbers, characters of language, narrate logic. Since their first-known usage six millennia ago, they spread into all aspects of our world and constitute the basis of our existence, defining us and determining our fate. Elevated to universal characters, they are the spine of science, the abstraction of trading, the representation of our extent in space and time. Numbers break the continuum of our lives by offering an instantaneous and localized representation of an elusive process. Their ubiquity brings familiarity while their ability to transform from a basis to another, to shed light on patterns, to provide links between seemingly disparate events make them hold their power of fascination. Our exhibition Scripts of Logic presents different manifestations of numbers morphing from abstraction to reality and invites the audience on a meditative journey, questioning the human need to make sense of things.

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